About us

The staff at Diamond ENT clinic uses the latest technology and most recent research to achieve the best possible outcomes .With us, you'll find the providers and staff you've come to know... dedicated to delivering the best in quality care, We’ve grown to meet the demands of the 21st century while never forgetting our dedication to providing quality health care to the people of our communities – our friends, family and neighbors. Each advancement we make is based on meeting the needs of the communities we serve with comprehensive services delivered with care and compassion close to home.

The Diamond ENT Clinic (Ear, Nose, and Throat) located at Hurlingham provides integrated and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for problems of the ear, nose, and throat, including surgery when needed. Our ENT professionals are trained to successfully treat children as well as adults. Since the clinic opened , we have provided outstanding clinical service to our patients. ENT specialists at our clinic treat a wide range of conditions, including those caused by infection, injury, allergy, air pollution, or tumor. In addition, common problems such as sinusitis, rhinitis, and deviated septum can be successfully treated with medication or surgery. Problems of the tonsils, especially common in children, can also be properly diagnosed and treated. Our Diamond clinic also treats ear infections and ear pressure problems caused by frequent flying. Our sleep laboratory can diagnose and treat sleep problems in adults and children, such as sleep apnea which happens among people who snore heavily..

Our mission

To become the reference ENT Specialist clinic in the Kenya and African region by ensuring patient wellness through proficient medical care, a world-class staff and expert use of state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment..

Our mission is to provide compassionate care that is equal or greater in quality to that available anywhere else in Kenya. We strive to understand each patient’s concerns and to provide care that is medically sound, ethical and customized to the needs of each individual..

Our experience

Diamond ENT clinic surgeons are trained in the surgical and medical treatment of conditions of the ears, nose, throat.

At Diamond ENT clinic, our ear, throat and nose specialists have a wide range of experience when it comes to treatment for a variety of ear, nose and throat disorders. Our ear nose throat specialists in Kenya aim to increase the quality of life for people with a variety of clinical and surgical treatments that focus on restoring the form and function of patients that have ear, nose, throat, head and neck conditions..

Quality treatment to patients

Our ENT specialist team believes in providing quality treatment to patients, regardless of their age or background. Whether you require the services of an ear specialist, nose specialist or a throat specialist, each member of our team understands that this kind of treatment is often crucial to how a patient can live their life. Our ENT doctors are focused on delivering the best to clients, and aim to improve our patients’ quality of life.