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Most of the ENT Operations are office and theater procedures for adults and children.

Rigid Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal endoscopy involves evaluation of the nasal and sinus passages with direct vision using a magnified high-quality view. It is a commonly performed procedure in the otolaryngologist’s office and serves as an objective diagnostic tool in the evaluation of nasal mucosa, sinonasal anatomy, and nasal pathology. Nasal endoscopy may be accomplished with either a flexible fiberoptic endoscope or a rigid endoscope. When performed by experienced practitioners, both flexible endoscopy and rigid endoscopy are usually well tolerated..

Video Laryngoscopy

Video laryngoscopy is a form of indirect laryngoscopy in which the clinician does not directly view the larynx. Instead, visualization of the larynx is performed with a fiberoptic or digital laryngoscope inserted transnasally or transorally. .

Rigid Laryngoscopy

Direct rigid laryngoscopy is a procedure to look at the vocal cords or larynx. A laryngoscope is a rigid, hollow tube with a light attached. Using this tool, your healthcare provider can look behind your tongue and down your throat to your vocal cords. A tissue sample (biopsy) can be taken for study in a lab. Or a growth can be removed..